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A Magical Guide to Finding the Love of Your Life s t n e m t n a Ench t r a e H e h t of By Dorothy Morrison NEW PAG Author: Dorothy Morrison.
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Reconnecting with the inner child is an incredibly powerful thing! Thank you for creating this space for us. This journey has been utterly magical so far, and your creativity and generosity of spirit is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing openly and being vulnerable about your creative process. Life Coaches.

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Spirit Workers. Creative Souls. You want to re-invigorate your artist soul, replenish your inner reservoir and get fresh inspiration. It will open you up and shine a torch on your artistic soul. I loved it and am still loving it. Thank you. It feels like an extension of everyday living and if you allow yourself to actively explore, you will change.

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So pause and consider what it could mean if your life made your art wonderfully inevitable. How would this change your creative process and the way you work towards your artistic dreams?

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Amy and Walk the Labyrinth has captured my concerns and needs as an artist better than we could have done ourselves. Merope Gaunt staring longingly at Tom Riddle. In , Merope Gaunt had developed an attraction with Tom Riddle Snr , and betrayed her family's beliefs in blood purity to be with the man she desired.

Riddle, however, was not interested in her, and thus she either controlled him with the Imperius Curse or gave him a love potion , the latter more likely, thereby forcing him to marry her. After she fell pregnant, she stopped dosing Riddle with Love Potions, thinking that he would love her in return or at least stay to help raise their son. However, after regaining his free will, Riddle fled from Merope, returning to his family.

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Realising the abandonment is the confirmation that Riddle did not love her made Merope lose her will to live, to the point that she would not or could not perform magic any further. Her son, Tom Riddle Jr, was unable to feel love for anyone partly due to his parents not truly loving each other and would become Lord Voldemort.

In , Leta Lestrange sacrificed herself in an attempt to fight against Gellert Grindelwald in order to protect the Scamander brothers, Newt and Theseus , who she both loved dearly as she declared moments before she died. Leta's death profoundly devastated the brothers, enraging Theseus, who was going to marry her, and prompting Newton to get more involved in the war against Grindelwald in order to avenge Leta's demise.

Queenie Goldstein , who was deeply in love with the No-Maj Jacob Kowalski , enchanted him so that he would accept to marry her. Indeed, although Jacob did love Queenie as well, he refused to marry her since it could cause her to be sent into prison due to the laws preventing Wizards from marrying No-Majs. Once the enchantment was lifted by Newton Scamander , Queenie, in a drastic and desperate attempt to be able to freely live with Jacob, joined the ranks of Gellert Grindelwald's army , believing that Gellert Grindelwald would tear down the old system and allow her to be with Jacob.

Jacob, however, refused to follow her on that path. Around , James Potter 's love for Lily Evans changed his character a little by the fact that he stopped hexing people just for fun. Bellatrix may have married Rodolphus Lestrange out of obligation for her family's beliefs, but her true love is Lord Voldemort. Unlike their eldest sister, Andromeda and Narcissa married their respective spouses out of love and in Andromeda's case went against her family's beliefs, which led her to be disinherited.

Lily Potter being murdered by Lord Voldemort , after she refuses to stop shielding her son. In that same year on Hallowe'en , James' love for his wife and son caused him to stand face to face with the darkest wizard in a century Lord Voldemort on his own in an effort to give them time to escape. Also in the same night, Lily's love for her son Harry protected him from Lord Voldemort. He became the only known person in history to survive the Killing Curse , because of the power of Lily's loving sacrifice.

Albus stays by Harry's side while witnessing the murders of James and Lily Potter. Also on Hallowe'en in after travelling back in time Ginny Potter 's love for her husband was shown when she argues against Harry being the one to disguise himself as Voldemort in an attempt to lure Delphi into a trap. On the same night, the love that Albus Potter felt for his father Harry causes him to risk his own life in order to save him from Delphi , during the latter's duel in a church.

This love is returned when Harry jumps in front of his son when a Killing Curse is aimed at him. Harry is later found after the confrontation to be furious at Delphi for even attempting to murder his child. After Barty Crouch Jr was imprisoned in Azkaban, his mother persuaded his father to help break him out. Crouch Snr agreed out of love for his wife, even though he did not love his son at the very least. Winky the house-elf , who also loved Barty Jr, cared for him with a sense of motherly affections, though Barty believed that it was pity and duty.

He instead let their sacrifices be in vain by returning to the Dark Arts, and as a result, suffered the Dementor's Kiss. Throughout the decade, the love Jacob's sibling felt for their brother caused them to obsessively seek out the Cursed Vaults. The platonic love between them, Rowan Khanna , Penny Haywood , and Ben Copper along with friends they would make throughout their education would make this quest possible. Quirrel's inability to touch Harry in because of Lily's loving sacrifice.

On 4 June , because of the protection that Lily Potter 's loving sacrifice created for Harry Potter Professor Quirinus Quirrell could not touch Harry without serious harm to his physical well-being, his body started to crumble and deteriorate when he came into contact with Harry's skin.

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  • In doing so, this led to Professor Quirinus Quirrell's death and Voldemort was once again without a body to possess [11] and was unable to return to power without a corporeal form of his own, bringing him back to being less than a ghost, Lily's love for Harry pushing back his return.

    Some time around 31 July , , Ginny Weasley 's romantic feelings for Harry drove her into hiding in his presence during his first visit to the Burrow. She later stood up for him against Draco Malfoy at the risk of being chosen among the Weasley children for Lucius Malfoy to plant Tom Riddle's Diary upon. Her love also prompted her to send Harry a Valentine's Day card, and later attempt to reveal to him and Ron that she was responsible for opening the Chamber of Secrets.

    On 29 May , , the love Harry and Ron had for Ginny, Harry's future wife and Ron's sister, caused them to go to the Chamber of Secrets to rescue her from the Basilisk and the Heir of Slytherin, Harry also stated that it was the worst day of his life. Although Harry did not have romantic feelings for Ginny at the time, Ginny claimed that she felt specific love from Harry since that day and that his love for her always made her feel stronger. On 6 June , , Remus Lupin 's love for Sirius made him believe of Sirius's innocence immediately after discovering Pettigrew was still alive, despite initially believing Sirius was the traitor and then reveal the truth to Harry, Ron and Hermione.