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Editorial Reviews. Review. "this is a fine anthology-one of several in what's shaping up to be a Fast Forward 2 - Kindle edition by Lou Anders. Download it .
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Individuals have to move to a different city, country or even continent in order to adapt to changing economic and political situations.

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The works were presented in standard freight containers, reflecting this aspect of mobility. In keeping with the thematic issues addressed, the exhibition featured installations and films by Matthew Barney and Jochen Kuhn, whose works encapsulate forms of private mythology. Whereas Paul Chan places narrative at the forefront in his animated videos, Christoph Brech transforms movement into a poetical gesture in his works. Fiona Tan, by contrast, evokes the energy of movement in subtle displays of tension. Search results Treffer. The Power of Motion.

If you need to pull it in, you can merge your master branch into your iss53 branch by running git merge master , or you can wait to integrate those changes until you decide to pull the iss53 branch back into master later. All you have to do is check out the branch you wish to merge into and then run the git merge command:.

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This looks a bit different than the hotfix merge you did earlier. In this case, your development history has diverged from some older point.

In this case, Git does a simple three-way merge, using the two snapshots pointed to by the branch tips and the common ancestor of the two. Instead of just moving the branch pointer forward, Git creates a new snapshot that results from this three-way merge and automatically creates a new commit that points to it. This is referred to as a merge commit, and is special in that it has more than one parent.

Now that your work is merged in, you have no further need for the iss53 branch. You can close the ticket in your ticket-tracking system, and delete the branch:.

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It has paused the process while you resolve the conflict. If you want to see which files are unmerged at any point after a merge conflict, you can run git status :. Git adds standard conflict-resolution markers to the files that have conflicts, so you can open them manually and resolve those conflicts.

Your file contains a section that looks something like this:. In order to resolve the conflict, you have to either choose one side or the other or merge the contents yourself. For instance, you might resolve this conflict by replacing the entire block with this:. Staging the file marks it as resolved in Git. If you want to use a graphical tool to resolve these issues, you can run git mergetool , which fires up an appropriate visual merge tool and walks you through the conflicts:.

If you need more advanced tools for resolving tricky merge conflicts, we cover more on merging in Advanced Merging. After you exit the merge tool, Git asks you if the merge was successful. If you tell the script that it was, it stages the file to mark it as resolved for you.


You can run git status again to verify that all conflicts have been resolved:. The commit message by default looks something like this:. If you think it would be helpful to others looking at this merge in the future, you can modify this commit message with details about how you resolved the merge and explain why you did the changes you made if these are not obvious.

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Git Basics 2. Git Branching 3. Git on the Server 4. Distributed Git 5. GitHub 6. Git Tools 7.