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México20: New Voices, Old Traditions |Friday 29 May| 7:00 pm—8:00 pm

For decades, Abou Elie provided a haven for Lebanese communists. On the border between Thailand and Myanmar, a combination of quick treatment and proactive therapy is reducing the deadly spread. Members from enemy groups and victims of their violence come together in a remarkable show about forgiveness in Colombia.

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What's Hot in Mexican Fiction. By Alexia Nader. Facebook Twitter 81 Shares. The intensity of our love — excuse the hyperbole — was marked by the swings between the extremes of her character and my almost total passivity in the face of this buffeting. For my part, I tried, on a couple of occasions, to have parallel affairs, but it all seemed to need an inordinate effort and I resigned myself to fidelity without much of a struggle. Alicia was an amusing, intelligent woman and while she was around, Madrid was more bearable.

Seeing with their own eyes how splendidly we interacted, I thought, the others would shrink from suggesting sex in the bushes to her, and the tempestuous multi-party relationship would give way to a university romance of a more conventional hue. I though this was a crazy, but ultimately fun idea, so I agreed.

AMONG STRANGE VICTIMS, a novel by Daniel Saldaña París, reviewed by Lillian Brown

Someone made the undoubtedly deliberate mistake of photocopying the invitation and soon the whole faculty knew about the imminent revelry. The preparations at home brought us closer together.

My design was the traditional star, but Alicia, being more imaginative, proposed making a pregnant woman. A woman dressed in white, with her head hanging to one side, who would carry in her belly the traditional celebratory fruit and candies.

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